Cube Cutting Machines

Special purpose Fruit, Vegetable Dicing Systems

Industrial Fabricators is a leading manufacturer and supplier of different type cutting machines specially crafted for precise dicing applications. These machines are fine tuned to extreme and are capable to produce extremely high quality of diced fruits, vegetables, root vegetables etc. We have range from Medium to large scale capacities with Models TD-800.

Approx. Capacity. 500-800Kgs./Hr. Size of Dices- 3mm-20mm.


Good for the rootstock cube cutting, especially for the radish, potato, yam, melon, onions, green pepper, mango, pineapple, apple, ham, papaya, ginger, etc.


  • Fabricated out of S.S. 304 sheets as per food grade requirements.
  • Quick production with adjustable size.
  • Can replace 25 labors doing the cutting job.
  • CE standard, witch complete process safety requirements.
Cube Cutting Machines