Food Ribbon Blender

Mixing and blending is one of the most common but very common application in food processing Industry. Industrial fabricator’s is engaged in design, manufacture and supply of various types and capacities of blenders & mixers for solids, semi solids, low & highly viscus liquids.

Ribbon Blender/Mixer is most commonly used mixing/agitation system which consists of a horizontal U-shaped fabricated shell with ribbon type or paddle type of combination of paddles & ribbons connected with heavy-duty shaft. The shaft is driven through geared motor with adjustable speed. The system is fabricated out of heavy duty stainless stell sheets provided with sturdy support which allows vibration free operations.

The system can be provided with different types of blending ribbons for different products. Widely used for mixing of granules, powders, dehydrated fruits & vegetables etc. Comes with an option for provision of indirect heating. The optional heating can be a useful feature to convert the blender into roaster.


Blending of various granules, powders, spices, dehydrated fruits & vegetables, dry fruits, grains, pulses, seeds etc. Slow speed but continuous mixing allows homogenous and proper mixing of single, double or multiple products.


  • Fabricated as per food grade requirements.
  • Heavy-Duty and sturdy construction with exclusive design.
  • Complete process adjustments like rotation speed, temperature, time etc.
  • Can be provided with heating media, like steam, electric, thermic fluid, gas etc. for roasting.
  • Provided With complete process and system safety requirements.
  • Can be connected with various processes like grinding, sieving, packing etc. processes.
Food Ribbon Blender