Vegetable Washing Machine


1. Washing of cut/whole. (chopped/sliced and cubed)Fruit’svegetable and transfer to next production process automatically.
2. Mainly usedfor the fresh/cut vegetable, fruits distribution centre, food processing units etc. It is the best choice for major processing industries.


  • Washing by powerful and controllable spiral water flow with air bubble.
  • Strong washing ability, high quality cleaning without damagingthe material, Longer Washing distance ensures perfect washing.
  • SpeciallyfabricatedU Type Tank, for root vegetables the sand will settled down at the bottom of tank and discharged separately.
  • Filtrationwith re-circulation of water allows a lot of savingin terms of water and energy.
  • Completely made from S.S.304 material, which comply with food safety standards. Simple and elegant appearance. Easy to operate and clean.
Vegetable Washing Machine