Cutting Machines

Multi-Purpose Fruit, Vegetable, Leafy Vegetables, Root Cutting Systems

Industrial Fabricators is a leading manufacturer and supplier of different type cutting machines specially crafted for precise cutting applications. These machines are fine tuned to extreme and are capable to produce extremely high quality of cut fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, root vegetables and some herbs, leaves etc. We have range from Medium to large scale capacities with Models TW-801, TW-805A&B, TW-806, TW-901, TW-902. For Small to medium capacities, we have beautifully designed compact TW-812 Machine.

Approx. Capacity. 500-1200 Kgs./Hr.


Suitable to cut all kinds of vegetable and roots/fruits into slices, strips or dices. It's hot popular in food processing industry.

  • One machine could cut all kinds of vegetables, including leaf vegetables, roots and fruits.
  • One machine cab offer thin piece, strips, slice and dice.
  • The cutting length for leafy vegetable is adjustable.
  • Removeable transport belt, no hygiene blind corner.
  • Two sides could work together. High efficiency.
  • Better efficiency and less labor, and better shape.
  • Big feeding hole, wide transport belt
Cutting Machines