Dewatering Machine

Being one of the fastest growing food processing equipment manufacturer and supplier Industrial Fabricators is proud to introduce Dewatering machine. Completely based on Japanese technology the system is specifically designed to rinse off access water from the surface of chopped/fresh or whole vegetables, fruits etc. Classified in two major segments, Rotary or Centrifugal & Vibratory systems. Centrifugal type provides a strong rinsing action which provides complete, nearly 100% dry products, however this is a completely batch type process and best used for small to medium production.

On the other hand, we have a vibratory dewatering system which allows the user to continuously dry or rinse off the access surface water from freshly chopped or whole fruits & vegetables. This vibratory screen-based system is best suited for large or online process where chopped/whole fruits are passed through this system to rinse off the access water from its surface and continue the production line into next process.

These machines are fine tuned to the level where there are no vibrations and operates silently.

Centrifugal Type Models - TW-980 A, TW-980 B, TW-980 C.


For drying water from the surface of chopped or whole fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables etc. after washing. Batch type application.


  • Extremely Smooth & Silent operation.
  • Variable speed control for multiple type of products.
  • Time based operation for automated operations.
  • Additional safety parameters.
  • Removable inner basket allows higher productivity.
Dewatering Machine